Get Paid To Watch, Click or View ads Online

Get Paid To Watch ads

Get Paid To Watch ads

There are many ways to earn money online. Getting paid to watch, click or view ads is the easiest of them all. Do want get paid to watch ads? Here we provide you with a detailed insight on how to get paid to click and view ads and the lists of popular websites that pay you to view ads.

As you may know, there are almost thousands of places to get paid to click and watch ads online. Most of them are scams, in fact, 90% of them are scam while majority of the other good ones don’t lasts. Only a very few of them can you say are best and lasting but finding these very few get paid to watch ads sites may be a little bit difficult if you do not have experience on how they work.

Here we have help you find the popular get paid to watch ads sites that will be of great help to you. Before we go, we shall give you some tips on how to find site that pay you to watch ads in case you may not be satisfied with the number of the sites we listed here.

How to find genuine sites to get paid to watch ads.

There is no special way of finding where you can get paid to watch ads, all you have to do is try making scam research online to know what people are saying about them. If there are lot of good feedback by their members then they are most likely to be good paid to click sites.

Visit popular paid to click websites forums and look for highly recommended paying sites. If you find none then create a thread asking people which paid to view ads site do they think is the best and then select the ones that are mentioned by large number of people.

You may also visit websites like ptc business and ptc directory for more list of paid to view ads sites. Sort them out through popularity and ranks.

PTC Investigation used to be a very good place to find popular sites that where you can get paid to watch ads that are very good and also legit but since the site was sold out by the owner they have cleared all the genuine sites and replaced them with new one which are mostly untrusted and scam sites.

However if you feel you may not have time to go through above guides in finding better paid to view ads sites we have helped you dug the whole internet to find the best paid sites, not just best paid to view ads sites but also popular and highly legitimate so if you are so lazy like me, always looking for shortcut to everything good, then below are the best paid to view ads sites selected from popular forums and social media.

How to get paid to watch ads

Type the name of the website on your browser

Type the name of the website on your browser

Step 1: Visit the website by typing e.g on your browser and wait to loan.

Click on the Sign up link

Click on the Sign up link

Step 2. You need to sign up for the website you intend to use. You may visit the site listed below if you do not have anyone yet. But before you do, make sure you read their terms of services and also their FAQ to understand how the websites work as well as the payment methods. After this, click on the sign up link and fill up the registration form and then submit.

Fill up the registration form

Fill up the registration form

Step 3: Fill up the registration for with the required details such as your name, Email

Step 4. Confirm email address. After submitting the registration form, an email confirmation link will be sent to you inbox. Visit the email you used during the registration and click on the confirmation link to confirm your email.

Login with your Username and Password

Login with your Username and Password

Step 5. Login back to the website using your login details. The username or email and password you used during the registration.
Click on the View ads link

Click on the “View ads” link

Step 6: Then login back to the website with the details you used during the registration. Complete your profile and then search around the site for available ads which you will mainly find at the top corner of your homepage. You will see where there is something like Ads ot PTC ads. Click on it and it will take you to the PTC ads.

Click on one of the ads

Click on one of the ads

Step 7. As you can see, there are lots of ads here. Take a closer look at the ads, you will see info on each of them, such as the number of seconds to wait and amount to earn from it. Click on any one of the ads and wait to load.

Verify your click

Validate your click

Click on the image with a cat etc

Click on the image with a cat etc

Step 8: Finish loading? Good, now take a look at the the top corner, you will find images and an instruction to click on the one with a cat. In some cases, I some paid to view ads sites, you will need to verify your click by answsering a mathematical question like 2 + 2 =, or to filling a captcha, or you may be asked to click on the image that is upside down or double. Just make sure you follow the instruction and your account will be credited with the required amount.

Timer moving

Timer moving

Step 9: Wait for the image verification to load. As you can see, the timer is moving.

Your account has been credited

Click validated and Account credited

Congratulation your click has been validated and your account credited! You have been credited with the amount written on the ad. Now move to another ad, and do the same until they are exhausted.

Websites to get paid to watch ads

Clixsense is one of the best paid to click sites almost every paid to click earner knows and uses. They have lot of earning methods besides paid to click such as paid surveys, task,offers etc. Their ads are almost unlimited, you can click as many ads as possible. The payment methods are Paypal, Paychu, Check and Gift Cards. Minimum cashout requirement is $8.

Superpay is one of the good places to get paid to view ads. They are a new website that will pay you exactly what you deserve. You will be able to click more than 41 ads daily for a price per click of 0.001 $ when you’re standard user. The minimum to cashout is 5 $ and the TOS said that the payment deadline is instant. You can choose among the following payout methods : Perfect Money , Payza. With this P.T.C. website you will win 50 % of your referral earnings. You can learn how to make more money with superpay at Best paid survey Websites. please note that has no business with the website and does not guarantee that what you will find there is authentic. Visit at your own risk or gain.

Rewardingways is another popular paid to click site you must take a look at, although they are very strict and irritating sometimes, you can still make money from them. They have several ways you can make money from the site although they require you must log in and click ads everyday if you really want to cashout your pay. The payment methods are Paypal, Neteller, Gift cards etc and the minimum cashout is $2.

Offernation is paid to click site that is very good and also pays regularly without problem. In fact I prefer this site to neobux because everything is so simple and easy to earn. They have been online for a very long time and paying without complaints. Other earnings way that can be found on the site are task and offers. You can cashout you money via Paypal and Payza with the minimum cashout requirement of $6.9.

Zoombuck is one of the best paid to click sites that have double features of both paid to click and gpt site. They have been online for a very long time and paying good as well. The earning methods are Paid to click, paid surveys, task, offers, paid to read email etc. The cashout methods are Paypal and Gift cards and the minimum cashout is $20 but very easy to reach in a day.

Squishycash is a paid to click site just like zoombuck, with the combination of both paid to click and gpt features. They have paid videos, paid to search the net, paid surveys, tasks and offers etc. Zucks like points is allocated to you for every job you do on the site and these can be converted to cash and cashout via Paypal, Skril and Gift Cards.

Get Paid To Click Ads

Get Paid To Click Ads

It is a free world-wide service accessible in a multi-language environment. Their service is made up of permitting advertisers to reach a large number of prospective customers by showing their advertisement(s) on their website and users to make money by watching those advertisements. Their members click the advertisers advertisements and view it throughout the period of time specified by the advertiser. Right after watching the ad, the person will get credited with a pre-determined amount of money in their Lexiadz account. You don’t need to pay them anything to get started on earning. Therefore, now you are a signed up member, begin earning money for absolutely Free! – At GPTplanet you can make money by doing easy tasks such as viewing ads, referring pals and marketing website.
Cashout your earnings to Payza or PayPal. The minimum to cashout is just $1. All payments are instant!
You can sign up for gtpplanet, users coming from all nations are permitted. Enrollment at gptplanet is completely FREE!
The minimum payout is 1,05$.The initial payout is at 1,05$ and then your rest payouts are at 2$.
To be able to obtain your payment request you have to hang on to Seven days.
Indeed,you need to click a minimum of Four advertisements to be able to make money from your referrals the following day.

Prizerebel is another place ypou can watch ads and get paid in the process. The website sells advertisements per click and signup credits to advertisers. Their users receive cash to watch those ads and complete those signups. This kind of ensures high quality marketing and advertising and signups for advertisers, and happy members.

To market or get signups, the advertiser would need to put funds to his/her purchase balance, and after that buy the preferred package. The ads and signup offers then become available to their users who are able to then watch and complete them.
How to ear Money With Prizerebel:

– View Advertisements: View different types of advertisements, available every 24 hours

– Point Contests: Participate in our monthly point contests and earn money prizes

– Paid to signup offers: Register in different websites and earn money for every registration_

– Clixgrid: Play in our grid and earn money when you view ads with prizes

– Referral contests: Participate in our monthly referral contests and earn money prizes

– Affiliate Program: Refer other members or advertisers and earn commissions from sales

Uniquerewards is a website to obtain paid daily just for being their member! Minimum of 2.5 cent cash daily to earn with guaranteed ads available.
Turning into an affiliate is completely Free! Get paid for visiting their advertisers’ sites. You select your preferred topics of great interest and they’re going to take it from there. they pay in hard cash as well as in shares. Shares and cash could be exchanged for advertising and other service via their website.
Within the members area, you’ll find a number of ways to earn. They provide paid e-mails, paid to click ads, and a manual surf program. Get paid to signup for services and offers offered by their advertisers!
You reach payout once you’ve earned $10.00.

How it works
Once you join the site(for free), you’re going to get 1 share. You’ll be able to earn more shares by recommending people to their service or you’ll be able to earn shares with clicking links and for signing up for Free and paid offers. You’ve at the same time the choice to purchase shares from other users as well as to sell your shares to other users!

They generate money by selling banner impressions, site ads and e-mail ads. All income is divided by total number of shares members have. That is how they get COMMISSION PER SHARE value. e.g. if they earn $5 in 24 hours, and there are 1000 shares ( in total ), commission per share will be $5 / 1000 = $0.005. So, if you have 200 shares, your commission (that day) will be $0.005 x 200 = $1.0.
Minimum payout is $10. Payout options are Paypal, Payza and different other options. Money you earn will be sent to you on your request, maximum 14 days after requested.

They don’t accept SPAM. All members who make use of SPAM in promoting the referral page are going to be REMOVED.
They don’t accept MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. All members who have multiple account are going to be REMOVED.
You’d to be active in the last 100 days to earn daily share earnings. So after 100 days inactive your earnings will stop till you become active again.

Supercharge Your Earnings: You’ll be able to improve your earnings by referring friends and family to the website. Whenever your referrals click on an advertiser’s link you will also get credit for it. They aren’t a multi-level marketing website nevertheless – you’re not forced to refer people to the website.

Squishycash is a PTC ads site where you can earn some extra income by completing simple tasks; Which include visiting their advertisers’ websites, and / or joining their sites or programs! , Reading ads or emails , Simple things you usually do online and with us you get paid for it

Squishycash Features:
Paid to Click, Surf, Read, Promote and Sign Up
$1/0.90/0.80/0.70/0.60 Payout Levels For Standard Members
$0.60 Payout For Upgraded Members
Earn Up to $0.01 Daily Login Bonus
Earn Up to $0.40/CPM from PTP
10% Referral Earnings for Free Members
Upto 150% Referral Earnings for Upgraded Members
Payments via Payza (AlertPay) & PayPal
The minimum to cashout is 1.05 $ and the TOS said that the payment deadline is instant. You can choose among the following payout methods : Payza, Paypal. With this P.T.C. website you will win 10 % of your referral earnings.
You’ll find 16 ads daily for a price per click of 0.0005 $ when you’re standard user is of of the online site that pay its members to view ads. They have been online for sometime now and paying without issues.
Below are ways on how to earn cash and points on Ultimateclixx:
1. Paid to click: View advertisements, earn cash and earn upto $0.02 per click.
You need only about minutes of your free time per day to view advertisements while you are online.
On View ads section, just click and click on the upside down captcha when the timer finish, and you’ve got money instantly into your account.

2. Playing Ultimateclixx Grid: Click and win upto $1.00 , try your luck. This is a free Game of luck and have the chance to win from $0.0050 and upto $1.00
You have free 25 chances upto 100 chances to play the game depends on your membership.

3. Playing ScratchGame: Unique Scratch Game with amazing prizes such as: Free 1 Year Golden membership, $10, 1000 Point, 25% deposit bonus and much more!
you need to Watching at least 10 advertisements and at least 10 UltimateGrid views to be able to start playing, Also For every 10 Extra advertisements you click, you will receive one more Extra chance to play!

4. Paid to Signup Offers: Completing task and earn cash upto $30 per approved and bonus points. Our advertisers wants you to become their downline.
Just register using their referral link. Follow the instruction of the advertiser to get fast approval.

5. Offers Wall: Completing simple tasks & offers from so many choices like Crowdflower, Matomy, SuperRewards,
TokenAds and TrialPlay offerwalls.

6. Promoting Ultimateclixx with normal Ref. Link and with PTP Ref. Link
Build your downline and get Bonus points for every referred member.
Earn from referral’s click and get upto $50 from Referral Upgrade Commision and 2% commission for their purchased advertising credits.
Promote your referral links on free traffic exchange and social networks, show your banners too.
There is no limit for your Earnings with US!

Also You can simply promote your Paid To Promote Link for example with PTC or free Traffic Exchange sites, to make nice extra Cash with each view and get some direct referrals at the same time to Boost your Earnings!
PTP Cash is our Gift to thank you for promoting us by giving you back some of the efforts made. is an online advertising platform where advertisers can reach thousands of potential clients and skyrocket their sales and traffic while our members earn cash for each advertisement they view on the site along with many other income options. Members can earn from referring others, watching interesting advertisements, joining variety of contests , and playing Grand Grid.
Anyone who passed age 18 can join as the member of Grandbux and therefore is open to US and International members; however, it is void where prohibited by local governing laws.

Get Paid To View Ads

Get Paid To View Ads

Paid to Sign up offers , aka micro jobs, are adverts where you must register with their advertiser’s website and provide proof that you actually completed the offer successfully and followed the instructions completely. The advertiser will specify the exact terms of the offer.You must read and understand the terms and then complete the offer as required. When you submit the offer, then the advertiser will have 96hrs to approve the offer or deny the offer. If the advertiser approves the offer then the money will automatically be credited to your account.If the advertiser denies the offer then you will not be paid.

To prevent abuse of the system they will automatically block any member that has accumulated TEN rejected offers. It is important that you only submit offers where you have actually completed the offer correctly. All micro job offers are accepted at your own risk. Please choose only the micro jobs that you can complete within 72 hr time period. If the required work time exceeds that period , you may prefer another micro job that fits your schedule.

Minimum payouts are determined in order to stabilize payment system. Minimum payout starts from as low as $5 and it only increases when a member does withdrawal after several times. Reaching the higher minimum payout requires members to be more active in GrandBux and as you know having more active members tend to result in higher Rental Referral AVG. is a paid to click website that allows users to earn money through sponsored advertisements. Advertisers get real human visitors to their websites, and the visitors are in turn reimbursed for their time.

Once an advertiser sets up a campaign and funds it, it will begin to show on their ‘Surf Ads’ page. Once a member of their site clicks this advertisement and stays on the advertiser’s site for the required amount of time, they are credited real cash.

You can join and start earning completely free.
The amount you earn per advertisement changes depending on your membership and type of advertisement viewed.

Below you can find the earnings for Standard and Premium members.

-Standard Membership
Your Click: $0.015(Extended Ad) $0.01(Standard Ad) $0.01(Fixed Ad) $0.005(Mini Ad) $0.001(Micro Ad)
Referral Click: $0.005(Extended Ad) $0.005(Standard Ad) $0.0005(Fixed Ad)

Your Click: $0.01000(Standard Ad) $0.02000(Extended Ad) $0.00500(Mini Ad) $0.00100(Micro Ad)
Referral Click: $0.01000(Standard Ad) $0.01000(Extended Ad) $0.00000(Mini Ad) $0 (Micro Ad)

Your Click: $0.01000(Standard Ad) $0.02000(Extended Ad) $0.00500(Mini Ad) $0.00100(Micro Ad)
Referral Click: $0.01000(Standard Ad) $0.01000(Extended Ad) $0.00000(Mini Ad) $0 (Micro Ad)

Your Click: $0.01000(Standard Ad) $0.02000(Extended Ad) $0.00500(Mini Ad) $0.00100(Micro Ad)
Referral Click: $0.00500(Standard Ad) $0.00500(Extended Ad) $0.00000(Mini Ad) $0 (Micro Ad)

We wish you all the best on any of the websites you choose to work with among the above listed websites where you can get paid to watch ads.

Top 100 GPT Sites Online

Top 100 GPT Sites

Top 100 GPT Sites

Top 100 GPT sites. If you are looking for a full list of 100 gpt websites online, we got you covered. Here, we have top 100 gpt sites to make money with online. Not only that, we shall also give you the tips on how to make money using these top 100 gpt sites. However, we cannot guarantee that the whole 100 gpt websites will be legitimate since they are so many that we could not test all of them.

If you are like many GPT sites earners who love putting their eggs in more than one basket and do not want to take chances, this top 100 gpt sites will be of great help to you. You will not only have the opportunity to complete offers but also the chance to make more money if you put more effort and try to work with many GPT sites.

Mind you, we are not saying you should join all the 100 gpt sites. However, joining at least 20 out of these top 100 gpt sites will be of great help. Note that joining 20 gpt sites or even the top 100 gpt sites does not guarantee you will earn huge money without doing anything. You have to put more effort and work on each of the sites on daily basis to be able to earn decent money.

How to Earn Money With These Top 100 GPT Sites:

The first and possibly most crucial advice is to be sure you look at the posts from other members when working on a GPT site. Other members share what they might have done to ensure that an offer credited or just general information that will help out when you begin. It is good to start there each day before starting offers. I am going to say that if someone gives advice like using somebody else’s name/address/phone number or using completely false details to get an offer to approve, avoid them! It isn’t just “not cool”, it can get you banned from the website and no more money for you. Things like using a brand-new email address are fine, provided that it is truly your email address. You’ll find slight variations you need to use that might help, provided that it’s an honest variation. If you have to be dishonest to get them to approve, then you are not doing something right.

I don’t care what anybody says, being honest is the greatest way to go. I would rather have been honest and never got credit than be shady and get credit. You will be much more satisfied knowing you did it the right way and will enjoy your earnings much more. Most advertisers have needs to get credit. I’ve found that this is not always the case, but holds mostly true. Many GPT websites attempt to give you what the advertiser requires or at least hint at it. For instance, you may see one on the list which says you must participate in one offer throughout the survey and then click 2 offers in the final stage. Keep in mind that when it says get involved, that doesn’t mean buy something. It might simply be registering for a weekly recipe or politics email.

You’ll want to open a new Google, AOL, or even Yahoo! email account (perhaps a few) and keep the spam from hitting your primary email (but do use your primary email when you join at the GPT sites, they won’t spam you). This way you can maintain better track of your offer groups, and stuff you have an interest in. So long as it is your email address(s) and never a disposable one (like GMX, even though some do not mind if you use GMX) you’ll do ok. Occasionally you will follow the directions or hints and still not get credited and that is where adding more technique can be handy.

Occasionally the advertiser “hides” a “next” or “Skip” button in the corners or bottom of the page. If you don’t like the advertisement and wish to move on, search for the “next” or “skip” button, it’s there and sometimes they change the location. Make sure to follow through with the offer towards the end. There actually is no full proof way of getting every offer to approve, at least honestly that I know of. However I will point out that after you start doing them, there are crucial things to look for when beginning. For example, pay attention to who the advertiser is when beginning. An easy way to get this done is when you click on the offer from the GPT website and a new window opens, look at the address bar and pay attention to the address. It will almost certainly have the advertisers name after the www.

Lots of people don’t take note and somewhere through the offer another pop up window opens and it’s no longer really part of that same offer you began. If all through the offer process you do notice pop-up windows, leave them open in the background and also continue with the offer. You may close them whenever done. People think they completed the offer, however realize that somewhere they got off track. So it’s recommended that you actually pay attention to the details and not just blindly click on all the pages. It’s also a smart idea to ensure you are accepting all cookies (Just for offers). You should also delete your cookies and also temp files from your browser after every offer. It’s not necessary to clear your temp files on all the sites, but it is a good practice to get into.

Try downloading Ccleaner or Window Washer to help make doing this a breeze. They’re user friendly and you can choose what you want deleted. Best of all they’re free! You will also want to turn your pop up blocker off when doing offers. You can just turn it back on when completed. Another likely reason for offers not approving might be related to your anti-virus. If you aren’t getting any approved at all, try switching off your anti-virus for only a few offers. If they approve, your anti-virus is to blame. We can tell you I use the free version of AVG Anti-Virus and we haven’t had to turn it off to get credit. It’s totally your call because it is your pc, that’s the reason It is suggested just doing this to analyze and also troubleshoot what could be causing your offers to not approve. I am not suggesting you browse the web without any security, this might just be a way to recognize the problems.

Like I said before, the best thing you can do for yourself to prepare is to visit the particular GPT sites discussion boards to see what seasoned veterans are saying. Things change all the time and advertisers occasionally seem unsure of what they want to require, just another section of the game. Also, be sure to check the site out in full and see what else they have. Most have even more than just completing surveys and offers, they clearly try to make it a bit more fun for their members. So, remember that there’s a technique to completing the surveys and offers and also the more you do and focus on, the better off you are going to be and the much less work you will end up doing.

A good idea is to keep a notebook and take notes of exactly who the advertiser is and what the site says to do, that way if you did what they said and it did not work… you can attempt different things the next time you do an offer in that offer group. Don’t let this scare you, it really can be a challenge sometimes, but I won’t lie and say you can make this money for nothing or merely from blindly clicking away on the internet. Some websites do offer “daily clicks” and “paid emails” where merely clicking to confirm you read the email will give you a few cents. Pretty good for just clicking. You may not get adequate emails to get anything substantial in a day though. I believe this is done to keep their members engaged. Well, we really hope this helps if you decide to give this a try and bare in mind that at times strategy is everything.

List Of Top 100 GPT Sites:

  1. Superpayme
  2. Rewardingways
  3. Offernation
  4. Prizerebel
  5. Instagc
  6. Clixsense
  7. Swagbucks
  8. Treasuretrooper
  9. Mypoints
  10. Uniquereward
  12. points2shop

To be continued…

We hope this list of top 100 gpt sites will be of great help to your desire to join more gpt sites and earn money. You may use the comment section or contact form to list any unlisted sites in these top 100 gpt sites.