Top 10 Elite PTC Sites Online

Elite PTC Sites

Elite PTC Sites

Are elite paid to click (PTC) sites what you are looking for? Here we have the top 10 elite ptc sites you can earn money with. Not just elite ptc sites but among the best and powerfully popular with many ads to click per day so if you are looking for elite ptc sites then you are in the right place.

What is Elite PTC Sites?

Elite ptc sites are group of ptc sites considered to be best, with most important features such as popularity, earning power, high pay and legitimacy. All Elite ptc sites have been online for more than 2 years and above paying consistently without bad feedbacks from their users.

There are thousands PTC websites online unfortunately almost 90% of the are scam. This makes it very difficult to discern the true legal and elite ptc sites.

However we have done the hard work for you by searching and researching the whole internet to fish out the few popular elite ptc sites that will be of good help to your online income. Not only are they elite ptc sites but with amazing features such as many ads, quick payment, no or low minimum cashout requirement, lot of earning ways and several payment methods to choose from.

The following are the tips you can use to dictate an untrusted ptc site.

Make a scam research about the site on For example, if you are looking to know if neobux is a trusted ptc site all you have to do is Google “neobux scam” or “neobux complaints” . If there are lot of complaints then the site is mostly likely to be a scam.But one thing you have to understand is that popular ptc sites are always with negatvie feedback as well as positive ones. You will need to make use of your instinct and as long as they are popular and also you have no problem.

Check the ptc site business records by going to or Better Business Bureau. There you will find all the complaints and feedback on any website and if they are truly registered website. BBB ha a record of all legitimate websites you can do busniess with online as well as the bad or scam ones. Just take your time to know what people are saying their about them.

Visit their forums and request for feedback and payments proofs from their members. If they have no forum that is a bad sign because forum is the best way to know a trusted site which is why scam sites always avoid forums. You can also know how the site works and also ways on how to make money on the site. It is a really nice feature to have in a site.

Search for Payment proof online. You can search for the website payment proof online by using google image search For example, you can search for “Clixsense payment proof” on google. When the result come out, look at the top of the search engine and you will find image link. Click on it and it will show you all the results in images.

In case you don’t want to go though all the above listed tips, we have selected a very good lists of trusted ptc sites below for you

So if you are looking for elite ptc sites with the above features and characteristics then the listed sites below are for you.

Elite PTS Sites

Clixsense is one of the most popular and high paying elite ptc sites with high paying ads per day which is almost unlimited. There are several other ways you can earn more money such as surveys, paid to click, task and offers etc. The minimum cashout is $8 via Paypal, Payza, Paychu and Gift Cards etc. A must join

is a very popular ptc site with lot of ways to make money online such as (PTC) paid to click ads, daily surveys, tasks and offers etc. You are paid quickly through Paypal, Neteller, Dwolla, Check etc. They have been online and paying since 2012 which is a good site of an elite website. Superpay is one truly site that pays you what you deserve without problem. They currently has over 300k members as of writing this article. The minimum cashout is $2. A must join

Rewardingways Making Money Online is easy with Offernation They provide, PTC ads, Free Paid Surveys and Worldwide offers to help you earn cash working online. Work with one of the best PTC, GPT, Paid Survey sites to get access to fast payments and great support. They pay you cash & points for completing daily offers, Clicking ads, taking paid surveys, paid trials etc. Get paid daily via PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Amazon. Get Paid the same day you earn cash online!

Offernation is where you are paid to click ads, complete surveys, pay per call, paid to signup, complete offers and tasks. You are paid quickly for every money you earn. The payment methods are Paypal, Payza, Skril, etc. A must join

Instacg is one of the top sites online where you can earn points for doing mini works. The current possible ways to earn points are watching videos, listening to an online radio, visiting sites (PTC), testing apps or games, shopping, filling out surveys, and completing general tasks. One point is equal to $0.01. They are continuously adding new possible ways to earn as well. You can view all of these on the earn page.
Once you’ve completed these jobs, you will be rewarded with points that can be used towards your next gift cards, or converted to cash and withdraw via Paypal.

Cashpiggy Another ptc site with ptc ads. Here, you can do offers too with several other earnings ways such as ptc, paid sign up, etc.

Inboxdollars is an elite website online. Here you will make money reading email, doing surveys, tasks and offers. You can also watch videos and get paid for it. Inboxdollars has been paying online consistently and it is among the highest paying sites after clixsense. You may visit Here to learn how to earn big with a site like inboxdollar. The payment ways are Paypal and Check.

Uniquerewards is a very popular gpt and ptc sites feature combination. Members can earn money Click ads, taking surveys, reading emails, searching, trying product and playing games. The payment methods are Paypal and Check.

Wordlinx is very popular ptc site where you will earn money clicking ads and get paid, play games, taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, shopping online and more. it is one of the oldest ptc websites online and has been online since 2003

Buxp is another top elite ptc site with over 4 years online and paying regularly without problem. Earning ways are ptc, surveys, tasks and offers, paid to search etc. The minimum cashout is $20 via Paypal, Skril and Gift Cards. Payments are made qucikly.

Superpayme is a very popular website just like the above elite ptc sites. They have several earning methods which includes ptc, daily survey, tasks, offers and paid to search etc. Cashout are made immediately via Payza, Paypal, Neteller, etc and the minimum cashout is $2.

Zoombuck is a well known elite ptc site similar to swagbuck. Surveys, ptc, paid to search, tasks and offers are all the earning ways. The minimum cashout is $20 through Paypal and gift cards.

Buxp is the same as proxbux and have been online for a very long time and paying without problem. As a member you get paid to view ads, watch videos, complete offers and tasks. it is an innovative international and free english based service that allows you advertisers to to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ads on their site. The amount of money you can make on Buxp depends on how many referrals you have, your membership type and the method you use to make money. Cashout methods are Paypal and ads. The minimum cashout is just 6$. is one of the oldest ptc sites online paying consistently and good. The payment way is Paypal.

These are the current elite ptc sites online that are highly paying and very popular. We will keep you update if there is any changes so make sure to bookmark this page or visit regularly for more. Until then, we wish you are the best in any of the you choose to join among the listed elite ptc sites.

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