Legitimate Online Survey Jobs Without Registration Fees

Searching for legitimate online survey jobs? Here we reveal all the Legitimate online Survey Jobs Without Registration Fees. So, if you are looking for the legitimate online survey jobs that pay you without registration fees, have come to the right place! They are not just legitimate online survey jobs but also popular and pay good.

This post is dedicated to making you earn extra cash online by taking surveys without getting frustrated or robbed off by scammers. We have thoroughly searched and researched the whole World Wide Web just to make sure we provide you with the popular legitimate online survey jobs that pay well. Not only that, we also went as far as making inquiries and consultations on popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Google plus, warrior forums, etc and this made it possible to discover a very large number of Legitimate survey jobs we were looking for.

It is most likely that you’ve discovered the chance to earn money online by completing surveys. But you might not be completely certain whether this kind of opportunity is legitimate. It is good to be suspicious because in cases where you are not, you will most likely fall a victim of scams that always target people who are easily fooled and naive.

Indeed, paid online survey scams are out there. However, not just about all “earn online surveys” opportunities are scams. It is possible to earn money online from expressing your thoughts on products and services however, you may also be ripped off if you aren’t cautious.

If you’re new, you may possibly not understand how to differentiate online surveys scams from legit online surveys. Though fortunately, you’ve run into this blog that will provide you with the important information which will assist you in discovering as well as detect legit online survey sites and prevent yourself from getting scammed.

You might think you are the only one looking for this, not really. On several occasions our blog visitors have inquired about trusted legitimate websites where they could make good cash just by carrying out surveys. This was why we have made it our business to carry out a comprehensive research and even visiting popular survey forums including social media websites to ensure we provide you with the list of proven legitimate paid survey websites as well tips to earn big with them.

What are Legitimate Online Survey Jobs?

Legitimate online survey jobs refer to websites that get people paid for helping them carry out surveys for firms who desire to study the market and collect data. The data collected during the course of carrying out a survey is vital and has a wide application which spans through market research, medical research, government research, etc. In some cases, governmental authorities and firms base their decision of good and services production on the data collected.

To reward the time (15-25minutes) and effort spent while taking the surveys that may be hard to spare, a payment is always offered.

How to Detect or Avoid Scam Survey Websites Online

Signup fee: A sign up charge is always requested for by scam websites online. A signup fee is unwarranted. When a website asks you to pay a signup fee to help take surveys then beware, it must be scam.

Undisclosed payment methods: another red alert is when their payment procedure is unclear or complicated. In such instances, do not give it a second thought.

High Minimum Cashout: Scam online survey websites fix their minimum cashout so high that it is impossible to attain given the small surveys they provide. Shun paid survey website that fix their minimum cashout at amount exceeding $30.

Bad Feedback and lots of Complaints: to check the authenticity of a website, Google the name to check their members reviews. Some reviews may be like this “Cashcrate scam” and read people’s opinion. If the reviews are more of negative than positive, there is a high possibility that the positive reviews were purchased. Keep away from such website.

Payment Proofs: it is just proven paid survey websites that their provide proofs all over the internet. If you find it hard to get proofs then it is likely that they do not give rewards or they are novel. They will always be found on Google top page.

How to Detect Legitimate online Survey jobs

Free Registration: to sign up on proven paid survey sites are free of charge. There are some sites that even give rewards for membership.

Forums: The forum feature reveals that a website is authentic and will be viable for a long time. You will also have access to other members on the forum and get evidence of payment and feedbacks. Most scam website do not have a forum feature because they are scared of membership feedbacks and do not want their illegitimate activities uncovered.

-Lots of Payment Proofs: presence of many proof of payment on Google is a sure way to determine a legit survey site.

-Social Media Fan Page: Legitimate websites can be uncovered through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. It provides an opportunity to add their members to your friend list and inquire about the survey sites.

List of Legitimate online Survey jobs: If going through the above tips is a hard thing to do, we are here to help you in your quest, so do not fret. Enumerated below are list of online survey jobs without registration fees we have found worthy of recommendation through detailed studies.

Here are the list of the legitimate online survey jobs we found, each of the sites is briefly explained so if you need more info you may click on the name for a direct visit.

List of Legitimate online Survey jobs:

1. Clixsense is also a legit survey site that rewards member for each survey they complete. There are several other ways you can also make money on the website such as offers, shopping etc. The market research surveys are sent to members through invitation or you can login to the website for surveys. Although they are a legitimate paid survey site. You can also make some cash by clicking ads. if you really want to earn big, then you will need to upgrade your free account to premium. The payment methods are PPL, Payza, Check, neteller. Paytoo etc and the cashout method is $8

2. Swagbuck Is a popular legitimate paid survey site online. Members can make money here by completing surveys, shopping online and searching the web. Swagubcks are given as rewards for each completed survey. And this can be redeem through various online gift cards or withdrawn via pa..pal.

3. Superpayme is one of the best paying online survey sites currently online. They have more than 800 international offers and well as surveys for virtually all the members irrespective of your country of resident. They have paid out over millions of dollars to members since inception. Here, you will make money for completing surveys, trying products and also by referring friends and families. The minimum cashout requirement is $2 through ppl, Payza, neteller, Gift cards etc. You are paid without delay.

4Prizerebel is regarded are one of the top and leading market research company. They are legit survey site that was set up to professionally gather consumers’ information on behalf of UK’s best and popular brands. They specialized on opinion polls that cover a wide range of consumer interest and subjects. Aside taking surveys, you may also take part n the monthly prize draws which their members take at least once in every month. You may be asked some personal info during registration, this info are mostly to help get the survey that matches your profile. Although most of their surveys are mostly relevant to all members, some of them are more suited to a certain number of people fitted criteria such as member’s consumer preferences, age group and geographical location. The payment method is PPL.

5. Instacg is an online community with legitimate paid surveys. This site was created by Creston plc insight company. They are a complete internet based, allowing members to provide their views on various range of subject such as new products and current social or political affairs. They accept members who are UK residents and must be at least 16 years and above and must not be an affiliate of Creston plc.

6. Rewardingways is exactly like superpay. They have been online for long and paying consistently withou issue. The minimum cashout is $2 via PPL, Payza, Gift cards etc. as a member, you will earn cash and points for completing online survey, shopping online, trying products, completing offers etc.

7. Cashcrateis legitimate paid survey company with over 5 million members and lots of daily surveys and offers for every member with 27/7 member support. If work harder on member is capable of making more than $200 per day, especially if you are from countries such as USA, UK and CANADA. Other countries can only earn through the amazing referral program which is the highest paying in GPT sites History. The cashout methods are direct bank deposit, PPL, check and dwolla.

8. Treasuretrooper is another legitimate paid survey site that has being online and paying all members regularly. The site was founded in 2005, they have lots of daily surveys just like cashcrate and all countries are accepted, however US, Canada and UK are given preferential treatment. The cashout methods are PPL and check, members have the option of activating quick withdrawal after paying the required fees.

9. Points2shop is one of the most popular legitimate paying survey website with the largest membership base. They have up to 6 million members worldwide and they are all given equal opportunity without preferential treatment. New members are given $0.5 as signup bonus and the cashout methods are PPL, payza and check.

10. Get-paidis a legitimate paid survey just like Point2shop, members are given coins for every survey they complete and these coins can be converted to cash and cashout via PPL, payza, western union transfer, neteller, perfect money and webmoney. The cashout minimum is 250 coins which is equivalent to $0.50.

11. Squashycash Is a new legitimate paid survey company with a lot of ways members can make money from them such as clicking ads, surveys, shopping online, watching paid videos and searching the web. The payment methods are PPL, payza, check and various gift cards.

12. Offenation is a legitimate online survey community that are dedicated to make good use of your opinion and reward you legitimately for each survey you complete. They reward points for each activity their members participates on, the point is like a virtual currency that are given to their members for all the actions they take on the sites which includes filling surveys, filling out profiles and referring friends that registered on the site. Each new member is given a signup bonus of 500 points which can be redeemed when you reach 1000 points. You may redeem the points for rewards which include Payza, Neteller, bank transfer and PPL.

13. Isurveyworld is a legit survey site that consists of hundreds of thousands of people that share their opinions and fill surveys that help shape the product and services that are used in their everyday life. Their panelists sometimes get to see new ideas or test new products and services before they go public. Each member is rewarded with points which can be redeemed via vouchers and amazon gift certificate. Most of their surveys are worth 5 to 250 points each and there is possibility that each member can get up to 4 surveys per month. But understand that the number of surveys they receive depends on the member’s profile. Some members may even have just one survey per month.

14. Vindale Research– members sign up to enjoy benefit of completing legitimate paid survey and earn money. Their surveys are the way individual can learn about new and upcoming products and services and also help to influence their development. Joining this site makes you become one of the members of one of the leading online community consumer worldwide and take part in online community consumers worldwide and also participate in various online researches from top companies around the world. They only support a certain number of countries so make sure to check if your country is listed. And to join you must be at least 14 years and above. The payment method is check.

15. Zoombuck– also known as reward survey site. It is a legit paid survey that has being helping a lot of business to find out what their consumers think about their products and services ever since 1946 that they launched the first consumer panel. Most of their surveys are by phone, email and through internet with their online mysurvey panel. They have various rewards for surveys their members complete and are also regarded as one of largest of custom research and analysis, operating globally across seventy countries.

16. Surveysavvy is a legit survey site with the authority to measure public views and consumer behavior and with a view to supplying a live stream of continuous, correct data and also insight into what people think and do around the world always in order to enable companies, governments and institution better serve the people that sustain them. They conducts online polls about politics, public issues, products, brands and other subject that are interest of the general. Their surveys are usually short and sometimes take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Although there are some surveys that might take longer and also more complicated. The longer and complicated the survey the more money it pays.

17. UniqueRewards is an online legitimate paid surveys company that sends surveys to all their members based on invitation. There are questionnaires in the member’s profile that are not paid for but if filed, would help members to receive surveys that match their profile. The surveys are sent to members via email with a link that if clicked, would take you to the survey, where you can fill in your opinions. Their surveys pay between $0.5 and $5.0

18. Sendearnings is one of the top legitimate online survey job that that any US,UK, Canada resident with over 15 years of age can join. You are given points as reward for each survey you complete and these points can be redeem through Check and also for voucher or gift cards. And surveys are sent to members based on what they filled on their profile so make sure to complete your profile before doing any other thing.

19. Mindspay is an international legit survey job site that rewards mainly IT and Business professionals for contributing their opinions through surveys and opinion polls. The site was established to compensate and make up for the time and trouble their members go through in completing research surveys. Their surveys offer direct and clear rewards, no waiting. But note that you are only going to participate in the confidential market research surveys based on invitation.

How to Earn Money Taking Online Surveys

To start getting good cash online by carrying out surveys, it is vital that the following steps be observed.

Step 1: Take time to search the internet for firms where you can carry out online surveys for good cash and not gift cards for services rendered. Check the above list for legitimate online survey sites that offer monetary value.

checkout the site and click on the link to sign up. Complete the form provided to sign up and then submit by clicking on the button. After this is done, an activation link will be sent to your email, so click on the link provided in the email received to activate your account. Complete your profile after you log in. It is vital you provide a complete profile because surveys are distributed based on details provided therein.

Step 2: Always ensure you become members of best online survey sites that provide monetary reward. To ensure you earn good cash you need to join as many as possible survey websites. Ascertain that you complete compulsory details like name, occupation, interests, marital status, gender, age, country of birth and residents. These details are beneficial to survey companies because it assists them in matching proposed surveys to the profile and ability of their members.

I be reminded again to join as many legitimate survey job sites as you can. You can sign up to the survey sites with different email addresses. Daily complete surveys assigned within the allotted time (15- 25 minutes). Ensure that you do not complete the surveys before the time allotted because that may hinder your payment.

The Roboform software can be downloaded at www.roboform.com and used. It assists in filling out surveys automatically just by clicking. This software helps you fill out surveys without having to go through the stress of completing them yourself by just a clicking and submitting when the time allotted for the survey comes to an end.

Step3: it is worthy of note that after registration on some of the survey sites, you may not necessarily receive surveys from survey firms regularly. Surveys may be sent daily, weekly or monthly. Some sites may require that you login daily to view available surveys to be carried out and some send out surveys via email, so it is advised that you check your mail intermittently. Do not forget to open different email accounts, if you decide to have multiple survey sites where you can render service. Signup email accounts on yahoo or Gmail for free.

Step 4: fill out survey sincerely and do not just glide over them and give out correct information always. Fill the form completely and always ensure that you are honest in your assessment. Fill in the reality of the situation and do not be caught in the trap of showing your sponsors favoritism. The allotted time for most surveys is 15-25 minutes and ensure you keep to time.

Step5: Provide information on payment in your profile. In case the survey company makes payment via Check ensure that you give the right mail address and if they make payment via bank transfer, you are expected to make available account details like Name, Account number, Sort Code or Routing number and other necessary information. Most survey firms pay through PPL, so if your survey company does also ensure that you give the email address linked to your PPL account. In case, you do not have a pa..pal account at now visit www.PPL.com to sign up.

Step6: Use the referral programs. Referral program involve getting commission for each and every friend you invite to sign up on the survey website. You make more money as much as you invite people. It is worthy of note that your earning is not affected by the commission paid for referrals. In that case, it doesn’t matter if the individuals you invited did not sign up. You can try out the referral program if you are good with influencing people. In fact many people earn about $1000 monthly through referrals.

Are you in need of assistance in getting referrals? Provided below are some ideas that have assisted many individuals earn good cash.:

type in the website URL on your browsers editing space and after landing on the website search for an icon branded referrals, it is likely that you find it at the top of the webpage. The page will open to reveal your referral link or banner. The referral link or banner is utilized by individuals who do not own a blog or web sites to display referral links.

Copy the referral link: http://www.superpay.me/245362 or http://www.superpay.me/mary is an example and begin to share it. In case you want to share the link on Facebook, follow this suggestion:

“Hello friends, I want to believe you might love this. I make more than $500 per month by carrying out surveys online. It is simple and can be done without training. Be reminded it signing up as a member is free. Visit http://www.superpay.me/mary to sign up.” if you desire to be a member.

You can follow this procedure on twitter, blog commenting, chat rooms or anywhere you find lots of people online. Note that spams are offensive and you may be suspended.

Referral Banners: You can write a post on making good cash by doing simple tasks on survey websites on your blog and website. Thereafter, include the banner and commence promotion. It is ideal that you advertise your post via social media platforms like Facebook ad, Google Adword, Work From Home Forums etc. Do not fret over ad’s fee. You will recover it within two to three days while your gain lasts for life, so far the individuals you referred stay on the site.

the earnings of people you referred are not affected by the commissions you received for inviting them. This is absolutely why referral program is a joy. Payment for commission is made to you directly by the survey companies and no one is affected.

How do i get Referrals

Forum Signatures – one way is by adding to your signature on forums you have joined a brief detail about the survey website where you make money. Ensure that the comment does not deviate from the discussion posted. It is also suggested that you join forums that are basically meant to discuss how to make money online especially if you are a passive member of the forums you have signed up with in times past. When a discussion is posted that deviates from the thread topic it is viewed as spam.

Blogging –you can design a free blog that will contain good materials on how to make money online by signing up with legitimate paid survey websites. You can take advantage of blogging platform such as wordpress.com, blogger.com and so on. Give your visitors insightful tips on how to complete offers and successful tricks that will assist them refer others and ensure thatyou place your referral link in the post. The moment that search engines index you and then traffic will start rolling in from individuals who desire to generate income via the internet. Promoting your blog on social media platforms like facebook, Youtube, twitter will help refer more people.

Show Off Checks – After collecting your pay check do not hurry to cash it, make time to print it and place it online for your friends to see that will help you earn more cash. When trust is built by members along with proof that the survey site will truly pay them it gives them the motivation complete offers than those who still doubt the authenticity.

Hand Out Flyers – give out flyers.Handing out flyers. This works! Place or pin flyers at public places where they can be seen easily and other locations where it is allowed. If possible place ads on local Newspaper, TV and Radio.

Business Cards – It is simple and not out of place if you print out cards which you can move around with. Arrangements can be made with survey sites like VistaPrint for a well-designed card to be sent to you so as to hand out to individuals; all you will need to do is pay a small shipping charge. It is also suggested that you drop your card on restaurant tables or in a designated place in the school library..

Some survey websites provide avenues where you can make money other than by carrying out surveys, This features are highlighted below:

How to make money with Cashback Shopping

To receive a cash back for purchases you make on survey sites, click on any of the stores that are enumerated on the paid survey site Cash Shopping page. It will open to the store’s site where you can order as if you entered into the website directly. You will be able to get cash backs that will be equal to the percentage attached to the store’s title as you order for products. Cashback shopping ensures that you earn more than you spend. In fact, earning an additional $100 daily is a possibility by using cashback shopping alone and nothing more.

How to earn with Cash Tasks

more money can be earned on some legitimate survey websites through completion of simple tasks you can repeat those short tasks over and over till you fill your quota. You need to know that you will be hindered from completing the tasks, once it is detected that you are painfully slow or you make mistakes a lot. This may impact the volume of tasks that will be awarded to you daily. It is also worthy of note that if you successfully complete your tasks on time, more tasks will be allotted to you daily. This works every time: once you receive a task read the instruction provided carefully and open up a new window then paste the URL of the link into your browser and complete the task. Once you have done so, come back to the task page and click accept offer. Thereafter, delay for some time before submit the proof then click on the “submit button”.

To illustrate, in a situation where you are told to post a product review on a particular forum, do not click the accept offer button in a hurry. Copy the forum link and open another window and paste the link on your browser. Thereafter, visit the forum and post the review requested then return to the initial page to click “accept offer” and submit your evidence of your work. The direct link to the review you posted can serve as your proof of work. This tip makes work more easier and it helps you to ascertain if you can meet up with the requirements or not.

Step 1. clicking on the PTC section will open a page filled with ad Banners. Information is provided on each of the ad banners and they includes the amount you will earn, the duration you before payment.

Step 2. await the ads to load once you click on it. After =clicking you will observe a timer at the top end ticking. Immediately the time assigned is up the a picture which may be upright, double pictures or numbers appearing twice and upside down will appear.

Step3. Click on the pop up pictures and payment will be made. Some sites may need you to reply to a simple mathematical question like2 + 2 = or to require you to show that you are not a robot by filing a captcha. Ensure that you make respond correctly to the maths or fill up the captcha accordingly then payment will be made.

How to make money with “Paid to Sign Up”

It is very easy to make money via paid to sign up, all you need to do is join or register the websites provided by the advertisers.ensure that you use different email address to register on the different websites because it is likely that other advertisers will feature the same website on their ads page and this may result in challenges. Do not be surprised when you keep receiving spam notifications. It is suggested that you do not use your personal account for signing up.

How to make money with Credit Card Offers

Risk is attached to this. If you are unable to keep things to memory or trust the website do not try it. You will surely earn more than anticipated. But I will strongly advise that you trade with cautiousness.

this involves using your credit card to subscribe to a product or service for a specified duration on trial and you can freely unsubscribe at the completion of the period. In case you do not unsubscribe, the amount will be removed from your credit card and even the amount you earned on that offer may be small compared to the amount debited. Therefore, ensure that you unsubscribe at the end of the period. A timer will be of great assistance in this regard. You can earn over $500 monthly on credit card offers. Always put to mind the risk attached.

Video offers

are you informed that by just watching video, you can earn more money? It entails that you watch all the videos daily and get rewarded with about $0.3 for viewing each video. You will be credited once a confirmation is received from their advertiser that the video offer has been completed by you.

How to complete video offers

– Enable your browser’s JavaScript if you have not.

– click on the video banner and continue watching the video till you complete them. Follow the instructions provided carefully because some may need that you take permission from social media platforms like Facebook prior to viewing them. You will be redirected to the video once you provide your log in details then view the video till the climax.

ensure that you wait after watching the video to the end because you will only be paid when confirmation on the offer is made by the advertiser. This process may take about 6 to 7 minutes.

you cannot watch the videos on multiple tabs, it has to be watched one after the other. Note that if you breach this your account will be banned.

Radio offer

it is also possible to get rewarded for inputting captcha codes when listening to the radio. This entails that you get rewarded for entering captcha code after listening to a radio.

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player and an updated browser will be required to accomplish the Radio offers.

How to complete radio offers

To complete the radio offer, simply choose a station after you have clicked on the radio offer. Then fill up the captcha code that appears every 30 minutes and submit appropriately.

individuals in the U.S. earn about $0.05 (British and Canadian users earn $0.03) for submitting each Captcha code. There is no limitation to the amount of radio offers you can accept.

You are only able to listen to one radio simultaneously.

Captcha pops up every half hour. If you do not see any, try to update your Adobe Flash Player and internet browser or contact the technical support team of the website concerning the challenge.

How to Complete Cash Emails

some websites provide 1-3 emails attached with mouth-watering deals and such offers are sent to the email address you provided daily.

open your email and click on the message that was sent by the advertiser’s website. You will earn money just by verifying that you have successfully gone through an email by clicking the confirmation link, and you will earn good cash after completing the offer! The value of the reward may be between $.25 cents and $5.00+ based on the offer payout specified.


Prior to signing up with any survey website, ensure that you read through the terms and condition carefully. This is vital so that you do not do something forbidden and receive sanctions. In some occasions, complete ban are placed and when this is done your earnings may just go down the drain.

Note, do not pay any signup fee. No legitimate survey website will request for one. Do not be scammed. Signing up on legitimate survey website is absolutely free.

Hope the above listed legitimate paid survey sites will be of great use to your online earning. We are working tirelessly to provide you with more legitimate survey sites, so make sure to bookmark or visit this blog for more updates.

You may use the comment box below if you have any question or opinion on the above listed legitimate online survey jobs.

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